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Automated Census System

Posted: December 5, 2012

The automated census system is now ready for roll-out, so we will be adding the census tab to the protocol workspace. The census information displayed in that tab is updated every night, and should accurately reflect the location of all your animals, how many cages you have, and what chartfield account they are allocated to. We have made every effort to help ensure this information is accurate and would appreciate you looking at this as well. Please report any inaccuracies to

If you would like to update any chartfield information for your animal housing, you can easily do that with the transfer activity by choosing “account transfer” only.

We are planning to utilize the new system for generating our per diem billings for the January billing cycle. This will allow approximately 6 weeks for corrections before the January billing occurs. At that point, you will also see the invoice tab in your protocol workspace. Within this invoice space, the ULAR invoice by month for all animals housed on this protocol can be found.

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