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Sims receives AALAS Technician of the Year Award

Wed, 25th October, 2017

Crystal Sims

Crystal Sims, senior animal health technician, University Laboratory Animal Resources, received the Technician of the Year Award from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). AALAS is an association of professionals dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals, as well as the quality research that leads to scientific gains that benefit people and animals. The Technician of the Year Award recognizes an individual for their accomplishment and contribution to the promotion of laboratory animal care. Sims cares for a variety of animals including mice, rats, guinea pigs, sheep and nonhuman primates. She also supports the experimental surgical core, providing medical care and assistance with animal preparation, anesthesia induction, monitoring and recovery.

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New FY18 animal care per diem rates take effect Oct. 1

Wed, 20th September, 2017

FY18 animal care per diem rate increases go into effect October 1, 2017. Valerie Bergdall, institutional attending veterinarian and director of University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR), and her staff work continuously to find ways to control costs and hold per diem increases to a minimum.

The rates reflect a 2%increase over FY17 rates. The new rates also include a change in the weaning charge for mice, previously based on tech time. ULAR is now moving to a standard fee per weaned cage, as is the practice with our peer institutions. The fee only applies to cages ULAR staff have to wean, not to cages weaned by research staff.

View the FY18 per diem rates.

If you have questions about the new rates, please contact Dr. Bergdall.

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