Rates and Fees

ULAR is required to recover the costs associated with the care of laboratory animals through per diem rates. Invoices are processed monthly and charged interdepartmentally to the principal investigator’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) project or department chartfield as located on the animal cage card and room census sheet. For additional information, please contact ularinfo@osu.edu.

Mouse Ventilated $0.81 / Cage $2.43 / Cage
Ventilated (sterile) $1.02 / Cage $3.06 / Cage
Static $1.02 / Cage $3.06 / Cage
Static (sterile) $1.52 / Cage $4.56 / Cage
Rats Ventilated $1.52 / Cage $4.56 / Cage
Ventilated (sterile) $2.27 / Cage $6.81 / Cage
Static $2.27 / Cage $6.81 / Cage

Per Diem (animal housing costs)

Approximately 20% of animal care costs are subsidized by the Office of Research (OR). Per diem rates are based on the cost analysis and recovery procedures delineated in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities.

Beginning in FY 2012, all rodents are now charged by the cage, rather than by the individual animal. For additional information, please contact ularinfo@osu.edu.


When preparing grant applications, please budget for a 4% annual increase in per diem rates.

Surgery Fees

Extensive, state-of-the-art surgical facilities are available in Wiseman Hall. Charges are based on the room and equipment used, as well as the support services requested. Please contact ulartech@osu.edu with specific questions.

Technical Support

Technical Charges

Supplies (when applicable): Charged at cost + 65%

Personnel: Fees will be rounded up to the nearest 15-minute increment and may include travel time. Hourly personnel charges are as follows:

  • ULAR business hours (Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.): $37.05/hour
  • Weekend/evening/holiday hours:  $54.30/hour

Weaning (if performed by ULAR technicians):  $25/cage

Scheduling Services

Please contact ulartraining@osu.edu or the Laboratory Animal Health Technician (LAHT) or clinical veterinarian in your facility for further details or scheduling information.