Wiseman Hall

Wiseman Hall contains animal housing rooms for conventional species (including rabbits, cats, dogs, and pigs) used mainly as surgical models. The facility contains:

  • a necropsy room
  • a clean/dirty cage wash (rack washer and autoclave)
  • reverse osmosis (RO) water (the front hallways are supported by city water)


400 W. 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210-1321 Campus Map
Phone: (614) 292-6474 | Fax: (614) 292-9282

Facility Contacts

Name Title Email Phone
Richardo Hairston Team Leader – Sisson/Wiseman hairston.108@osu.edu (614) 292-7821
Raphael Malbrue Clinical Veterinarian malbrue.2@osu.edu (614) 247-7009
Laboratory Animal Veterinary Resident (614) 247-7052
Laboratory Animal Health Technician (LAHT) (614) 292-0011