Submitting Animal Protocols


Protocols, amendments, annual reviews, and requests for personnel changes must be submitted using the university’s e-Protocol system. The e-Protocol system consists of a suite of software modules that currently supports the submission and review of Ohio State’s animal research and biosafety protocols.

Log in to e-Protocol

Located within e-Protocol is e-IACUC, the module that supports the online submission of protocols and information to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Using e-IACUC, researchers are able to submit new animal protocols, conveniently request protocol changes, update study teams, and complete annual reviews and protocol renewals.

Information is automatically routed to veterinarians, designated departmental endorsers, IACUC staff, and the IACUC review board, as applicable. The system guides each user through specific menus so that they can take action on the documents at hand. The e-IACUC software also generates automated notices and organizes and stores all study-related communications and records for active and inactive protocols.

Veterinary Involvement

All protocols and amendments prepared using e-IACUC must undergo an online veterinary consultation prior to review by the IACUC. Protocols will automatically be routed to veterinarians for review and approval.

The time required for veterinary consultation varies. Consultation may take less than a week for routine protocols, but could take up to a month depending on the complexity of the proposed research.  Three-year renewals should be sent for consultation three months prior to their expiration in order to avoid a lapse in approval and suspension of research activities.

Following veterinarian consultation, documents are sent for departmental approval before being routed to the IACUC. In order to have your protocol reviewed on time, please consult the IACUC Submission and Meeting Dates schedule.

For assistance in IACUC protocol preparation, please contact Angela Phillips at or 292-3633. ULAR veterinarians also are available for consultation during the entire animal use approval process.