Required Training

Outlines the IACUC required training that applies to all individuals using animals in research or teaching.

To be granted access to the ULAR vivarium, an addition in person training is required by ULAR. 

Eprotocol Training

Eprotocol Training modules have been designed to help researchers more easily navigate the eprotocol system. This includes the process for ordering/transferring animals as well as cage census utilizing the  Radiofrequency identification (RFID) system that is located on the cage card holder.


  • Veterinary Guidelines have been created by the Office of Attending Veterinarian (OAV) to assist researchers working in all areas on campus.
  • User Guidance has been created to assist researchers specifically working in the ULAR vivarium.

Animal Handling and Technique Training

ULAR staff members provide optional animal handling and technique training classes free of charge to individuals listed on animal protocols. Classes are strongly encouraged for individuals that will perform rodent survival surgery and those with minimal experience working with animals. Research team members must be trained to perform procedures and should utilize this free service when such training cannot be obtained through other means.

Training in Laboratory Animal Medicine

We have many active training opportunities available for students and veterinarians interested in the specialty of Laboratory Animal Medicine.